Who is PANNA

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Numbers and letters were something distant and a bit “alien” for her when she was a child, so Panna – Anna Paola Maestrini – preferred to express herself through pencils, colours, paints, shapes, glue, scissors…

Nevertheless, she graduated in Languages at Brussels University, in Belgium, to make her mother feel happier, as Panna could work as a translator and interpreter and earn a living… But to make her own soul happier, after diligently coping with her daytime job in a multinational building company, in the evening Panna attended the Académie d’Art d’Uccle, under the wise guidance of a wonderful artist, Jörg Madlener, and many others. After three years, she opted to do things the other way round, so she went back to Italy and graduated at the Fine Arts Academy of Perugia, with Giorgio Ascani, alias Nuvolo, while working here and there to pay for her studies.

Life then led her to become a Qigong teacher. Qigong is a wonderful Eastern discipline that helped her to recover completely after a serious accident, and then, as a “side-effect”, led her to discover for the first time new dimensions relating to energy and true spirituality. Her first teacher and mentor was Wang Ting Jün, with whom Panna shared a deep friendship for more than twenty years. Meanwhile, Panna deepened her Qigong practice in Paris, at the Liao Chan Qigong school, under the graceful teachings of Liao Yi Lin. In Paris, Panna could also learn the fascinating philosophical and theoretical background of Qigong, thanks to the teachings of Gérard Olivier, who is a well-known author of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) books in France.

To help her explore her inner world, she also attended intensive workshops with internationally known teachers of meditation and awareness, such as Marina Borruso and Adyashanti (she also translated books[1] by these authors into Italian and French), as well as Eckhart Tolle and Pamela Wilson.

In 2014 Panna met Dana Lynne Andersen, an American artist and Director of the Awakening Arts Academy. Dana’s Academy is located both in the United States (Portland, Oregon) and in Italy (Assisi). Panna got a Certificate in Transformative Arts: this new way of approaching creativity represents for her the “missing link” between Art and Spirituality. At the Academy in Assisi, all modalities of the Arts are used as vehicles to uplift the human spirit and to awaken higher consciousness, which is also one of the main goals of Qigong.

You can see some of Panna’s works and articles in this blog ANIMMAGINARTE (whose articles will be soon translated into English and French) and you can also write directly to her at this address: pannaum@gmail.com

What does PANNA offer ?

Panna designed special workshops – using creativity and Qigong –  to help you dive into your Soul and discover who you really are: a unique, creative, openhearted and ever-blossoming human Being full of talents and possibilities.

Panna can offer many different one-to-one and group activities, both indoors and outdoors, when the weather allows it:

  • ARTea-Time with Panna (see below)


  • The Tao of Creativity – Flowing with the River of Life (see below)


  • Sen-Lin-Xin  – The Heart of the Forest (see below)


  • A variety of Qigong forms, such as: (see below)

    Xing Shen Zhuang from Zhineng Qigong; Mawangdui Qigong (full form, not simplified); Zhang Zhuang Taiji Qigong – Qigong with the Stick; Ba Duan Jin Qigong – “Eight Pieces of Brocade”; Shi Ba Shi Qigong – 18 Form Qigong.

What people say of Panna’s workshops

I am eternally grateful to you for the incredible things you help manifest through your teachings. L.

Thank you, Panna, as always, a day creating with you is wonderful, and I hold you and all the other participants in my heart. The energy, the power that we create and share each time together is a fantastic means of growth and elevation. An explosion of inner joy, here and now. I love you all! A.

This Soul-Image I’ve just created, as all the previous soul-images, helps me understand that life is a continuous discovery. I don’t know where I am going, but every single moment is interesting, as I constantly change my view, my way of seeing things. I see things differently: they are more beautiful. Even the smallest things, things that cannot be defined as “beautiful”, suddenly become a discovery. It is so nice to feel this sensation of being in a lifelong journey that always leads you further and further, in a good sense, as it is eye opening, and it is wonderful to be able to change your point of view… I am grateful to my soul. I am grateful to life; I know my soul is very old and knows many things, she has been there for a long time and she wants me to know that. This fills me with gratitude… knowing that I can learn every day, I can go on and on, Panna is there, you are all there with me along this path…. All the collages I created are still a bit mysterious, but I am confident that some day I will be able to understand these mysteries. One day I’ll get there, I will be able to understand everything that is “written” here… S.

I put my soul-images everywhere at home, I look at them every day, every day! When I don’t feel good, or I am down in the dumps, I just look at them and feel immediately better… And each time I notice something new, something I didn’t see before… even if I am the one who created this picture! The title often comes much later. Maybe a week later. And the words that come are perfect, even the title speaks to me. It is a new step in my life. A.

  I have always felt a creativity dummy, during my whole life. I quit painting at the age of 14. The horse I painted then is exactly the same I paint now. But since I have been playing-creating in your groups, everything has changed! I.

[1] Adyashanti, La Danza del Vuoto, ed. Tecniche Nuove.  (translation of Emptiness Dancing);  Adyashanti, Aprirsi alla Grazia, ed. Tecniche Nuove.  (translation of Falling into Grace);  Marina Borruso,  Etre dans le Présent – ed. Aluna (translation of Essere nel Presente).

Why attending Panna’s workshops?

Creativity and Qigong are powerful tools of transformation. Watching someone become a rooted, centered and attentive being is as beautiful as looking at a blooming flower. This is what Panna loves most: letting people know that everyone can bloom and simply BE. This blossoming has also extraordinary effects on what we call the daily life. Her workshops are a funny, intense, deep way to transform your holidays into an unforgettable experience.

Everybody is welcome, with no exceptions. Authentic creativity is the birthright of every single human being. Even if you were brought to believe you have no talents whatsoever. You are invited to attend if

  • you  think you are no good at art and creativity in general, and you believe this is only meant for a happy few special people;
  • you know you are creative, but something blocks you and you always end up putting duty before fun and joy;
  • you have many secret dreams and you think “when the right moment comes, I’ll realize my dreams”, but for some reason or another this moment never comes;
  • you miss the carefree afternoons of your childhood, when with a piece of paper, some colours or any other simple object you messed around immersed in timeless happiness;
  • you are creative in all aspects of your life and you’d love sharing this joy with other people instead of creating all by yourself;
  • you feel demotivated, you don’t really know what you’ll do when you grow up (even if you are already retired);
  • you are at a crossing point in your life, and you have no idea about your next step;
  • you know it’s time to change… but you don’t know what, why and how;
  • you finally have plenty of time for yourself and for the people and activities you love;
  • you want to know yourself deeper, you want to discover your hidden talents and what really makes you vibrate and delight;
  • you have been on a spiritual path for ages, but you still feel heavy, as if your soul’s wings were wet;
  • if you are 7, 17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 67, 77, 87, 97, 107 (and all the remaining ages in between) and at least one of the above reasons resounds with you….

… Panna’s workshops are made for you!

ARTea-Time with Panna – Creative Encounters

IMG_20170226_173920 - light
Hands and Hearts at work!

During these 4-hour workshops Panna facilitates the creation of what she calls “Soul-Images” (Animmagini). Using the magic of synchronicity and trusting intuition, each participant ends up creating a Soul-Image that is meaningful and poetic. A message from your unique and wise Soul! The technique we use is collage – easy for everyone, even if you think you are a creative dummy! Actually, creativity belongs to everybody, not only to special people called “artists”. And the creative process is more important than the result (the final picture), as creativity always brings joy, presence, awareness, wonder, surprise, emotion, magic, inspiration… to name but a few!

Panna will lead you gently and safely to your heart, for some hours you will forget all the rest of the world and find back the freedom, lightheartedness and joyful intensity you lived when you were a child. Add to it the deep wisdom of your “adult” soul, and you get a powerful message that will open your mind and heart and have a positive effect on your whole life.

This kind of workshop is both for groups and in a one-to-one setting. All workshops are held in Panna’s house – a wonderful country house made in stone, and in many lovely “Agriturismo” nearby (she lives near Perugia, in the centre of Italy).

If you want to get an idea of the powerful magic we create together, please watch this video!

And here are a few examples of the Soul-Images you might also create (they are all first trials, apart from the first, which was created by an artist!)




The Tao of Creativity – Flowing with the River of Life


This is a two-day workshop to recover the sense of flow in life. Sometimes we feel stuck, as if the world was rushing all around us while we feel we can’t cope. In Nature, so beloved by the old Taoist philosophy, among all the elements Water is the most appropriate to teach us how to live in the flow, from the Source to the Ocean. We’ll learn how to listen to our inner depths and let unexpected Treasures come up to the Surface. These soul’s gems will manifest as paintings, movements, gestures, sounds, which will convey meanings that nurture our Heart. We’ll experience the joy that bubbles up when we adventure beyond our chattering mind into the breathtaking realm of “not-knowing”, the same territory that Taoists called “wei wu wei” – acting without effort, a spontaneous action that flows like water. And this trust in spontaneity will overflow into our daily lives.


Flow with whatever may happen
and let your heart be free;
stay centered
by accepting whatever you are doing.
This is the ultimate wisdom.
– Zhuang Zi


Sen Lin Xin – The Heart of the Forest


A tree which fills the arms grew from the tiniest sprout”, says Laozi in chapter 64 of his famous book Dao De Jing. Daoists, or Taoists, are known to be gentle people whose philosophy is deeply rooted in the observation of Nature. In this workshop, we will discover that the invisible is far more powerful and effective than the visible: things – in this case, trees and woods – are not only what they seem or what we believe they are. Even in our everyday life the “invisible” things are the most important: for example feelings – love, friendship, serenity – intimacy, intuition.

Every part or element of a tree has a correspondence within us; trees are great teachers that silently tell us deep secrets about how to be an authentic Human Being. First of all: we share verticality with them: we also have deep roots in the Earth and long branches that reach the farthest Stars. Tree-teachers know a lot about interconnection, about overcoming limits, about growth and harmony, to name but a few secrets they hold in their ancient hearts.


In this outdoor workshop, that can last from 1 to 5 days according to the request of the participants, spontaneous creativity will be expressed with the help of paints, objects found in the woods, clay, and also dance, meditation, music and nourishing silence. No artistic ability is required!

Nature’s wisdom is a portal to a new perception of the world. We knew this when we were children, we have only forgotten. And it is time for us to reclaim our true Vision.

Qi Gong : Nurturing Life and Dancing with the Stars


There is a lot of information about Qigong on the web: here you will find only a few words about the way Panna teaches this age-long Chinese discipline. She is specialized in Medical Qigong, as she works with doctors who use acupuncture and other Eastern treatments, which are usually gathered under the name of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM.

Ancient healers of a remote past – going back to six thousand years before our era –, who were called Wu (shamans), observed the world around them; they found out that the intrinsic laws of Nature are harmony, unification and beauty. This is why when you practice Qigong you immediately feel at peace and in harmony with what surrounds you and with yourself.

There are many Qigong forms, but they all have some points in common: slow and harmonious movements, deep rhythmic breathing and easy, poetic visualizations. The body and the mind work together; during the practice you step out from ordinary life and enter a dimension of quiet, expansion and joy. Slowly, with constant practice, this dimension outpours into your daily life and you feel more and more healthy and peaceful, and more creative and inspired.

Panna practices and teaches a variety of forms that work deeply on the Meridians – the paths of Qi (vital force or energy) in the body and limbs. Each Meridian is also connected to particular Organs and areas of the body, and each Organ is the “keeper” and “transformer” of some particular emotion. Qigong uses the body to harmonize the emotions and to quiet the chattering mind. It is not necessary to know the theory behind Qigong to benefit immediately from this discipline.

Panna likes to say that Qigong is a bridge-building discipline: it builds a bridge between your body and your mind, between you and Nature, between you and yourself. It helps you feel part of a vast, wonderful and meaningful Whole. You discover with amazement that everything is connected.


For any other information, feel free to contact Panna:




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